Dr. Mohamed Bakhouya

Associate Professor

International University of Rabat
Computer Science Department
Technopolis Rabat-Shore 11 100 Sala el Jadida, Morocco

 Email   bakhouya@gmail.com
 Voice +212648452702
     Skype ID bakhouya_mohamed

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  • Performance evaluation
  • Early design space exploration
  • System engineering
  • High performance computing
  • Embedded computing, SoC/NoC
  • Distributed systems and communication networks
  • Ubiquitous and pervasive computing

Recent publications (Full List)
  • S. Suboh, V. Narayana, M. Bakhouya, J. Gaber, T. El-Ghazawi, Methodology for adapting on-chip interconnect architectures, IET Computers & Digital Techniques 8:3. 109-117, 2014.

  • S. Cai, M. Bakhouya, M. Becherif, J. Gaber, M. Maxime, An In-vehicle Embedded System for CAN-bus Events Monitoring, International Journal of Mobile Multimedia 10:1&2. 128-140, 2014.

  • V. De Florio, M. Bakhouya, A. Coronato, G. Di Marzo, Models and Concepts for Socio-technical Complex Systems: Towards Fractal Social Organizations, Syst. Res. Behav. Sci. 30:6. 750-772, 2013.

  • C. Dumez, M. Bakhouya, J. Gaber, M. Wack, Model-Driven Approaches to Service Composition, International Journal of Adaptive, Resilient and Autonomic Systems 4:4. 18-35, 2013.

  • C. Dumez, M. Bakhouya, J. Gaber, M. Wack, P. Lorenz, Model-driven approach supporting formal verification for web service composition protocols, Journal of Network and Computer Applications 36:4. 1102–1115, 2013.

  • W. Ait-Cheik-Bihi, A. Nait-Sidi-Moh, M. Bakhouya, J. Gaber, M. Wack, TransportML Platform for Collaborative Location-based services, Service Oriented Computing and Applications, DOI: 10.1007/s11761-012-0114-2, 2012.

  • M. Huang, V. K. Narayana, M. Bakhouya, J. Gaber, T. El-Ghazawi, Efficient Mapping of Task Graphs onto Reconfigurable Hardware Using Architectural Variants, IEEE Transactions on Computers, 61:9, 1354-1360, 2012.

  • M. Bakhouya, R. Campbell, A. Coronato, G. De Pietro, A. Ranganathan, Introduction to Special Section on Formal Methods in Pervasive Computing, ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (TAAS), 7:1, 1-9, 2012.

  • M. Bakhouya, a Bio-inspired Architecture for Autonomic Network-On-Chip, Autonomic Networking-on-Chip: Bio-inspired Specification, Development, and Verification. Part of the Embedded Multi-core Systems (EMS) Book Series, Taylor & Francis/CRC Press, 1-19, 2012.

  • M. Bakhouya, S. Suboh, J. Gaber, T. El-Ghazawi, S. Niar, Performance Analysis and Design Tradeoff for On-Chip Interconnect Architectures, Simulation Modeling Practice and Theory (SMPT), Elsevier, 2011, 19:6. pp.1496-1505.

  • W. Ait-Cheik-Bihi, M. Bakhouya, A. Nait-Sidi-Moh, J. Gaber, M. Wack, A Platform for Interactive Location-Based Services, In 8th International Conference on Mobile Web Information Systems, Procedia Computer Science, Volume 5 697-704 Elsevier, 2011.

  • M. Bakhouya, Special Issue : Adaptive Service Discovery and Composition in Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing, ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (TAAS), 6: 1. 1-3, 2011.

  • M. Bakhouya, J. Gaber, P. Lorenz, An Adaptive Approach for Information Dissemination in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks, Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Elsevier 34: 6. 1971-1978, 2011.

  • K. Dar, M. Bakhouya, J. Gaber, M. Wack, P. Lorenz, Wireless Communication Technologies for ITS Applications, IEEE Communications Magazine, 48: 5. 156-162, 2010.

  • M. Bakhouya, J. Gaber, A Query Routing Approach based on Users Satisfaction for Resource Discovery in Service-Oriented Networks, World Wide Web, (Springer), 13:1-2, pp61-73, 2010.

  • M. Bakhouya, Evaluating the Energy Consumption and the Silicon Area of On-Chip Interconnect Architectures, Journal of Systems Architecture (Elsevier) 55 : 7-9. 387-395, 2009.

  • S. Suboh, M. Bakhouya, J. Gaber, and T. El-Ghazawi, An Interconnection Architecture for Network-on-Chip Systems, Telecommunication Systems, (Springer), 37 : 1-3,137-144, 2008.

  • M. Bakhouya and J. Gaber, Approaches for Ubiquitous Computing, Book chapter In Wireless Ad hoc and Sensor networks, Eds. H. Labiod, ISTE Publishing Knowledge / John Wiley and Sons Inc, ISBN 978190520986, January 2008, pp, 111-142.

Selected Courses Taught
  • Object-oriented analysis, design, and programming
  • Formal methods
  • Advanced operating systems
  • Advanced algorithms
  • Distributed and parallel algorithms
  • Mobile computing and embedded systems
  • Positioning systems:techniques and applications
  • Computer networking

  • Mr O. Yalgashev, PhD thesis (2012-2015, UTBM, France), TARGET project.
  • Mr A. Chariette, PhD thesis ((Dissertation Defense Date: 13 March 2013, France), TELEFOT project.
  • Mr S. Medetov, PhD thesis (2011-2014, UTBM, France), TARGET project.
  • Mr M. Tantaoui, PhD thesis (2013-2016, ENSIAS, Maroc).
  • Mr S. Suboh, PhD student (Dissertation Defense Date: 21 June 2010, GWU, USA).

  • Collective Adaptive Systems: Potentials and Challenges, International Conference on Complex Systems, November 5-6 2012. [Keynote Speaker]
  • Programming in Partitioned Global Address Space Model: UPC language as case study, IEEE/ACS International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications, 2009 [Tutorial]  
  • Service Discovery and Composition Systems in Ubiquitous and Pervasive Environments, ACM International Conference on Pervasive Services, 2009 [Tutorial]
  • Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing: Architectures and Protocols for Applications Design, 3rd workshop on Agent-oriented software engineering challenges for ubiquitous and pervasive computing, ACM ICPS'2009 [Talk]
  • Ubiquitous and pervasive application design, 2nd international workshop on Agent-oriented software engineering challenges for ubiquitous and pervasive computing, ACM ICPS'2008 [Talk]

Selected professional activities

  • Starting Grant, Design-space Exploration Approach of Large-scale Systems, 11-2013 [PI, Aalto-FI]
  • MADEbyGRAPH, Graph supported requirements engineering, Finnish Defense Forces, 12-14 [Co-PI, Aalto-FI]
  • EU EACEA-LLP, Leonardo da Vinci, Virtual Academy Platform for Vocational Schools VAPVoS, 2011-2013 [Co-PI, Aalto, Finland]
  • EU EACEA Erasmus Mundus projects, TARGET I, Transfer of Appropriate Requirements for Global Education and Technology (2011-2014), and Target II (2012-2015), [Co-PI, UTBM, France]
  • U FP7 NoE, Highly-complex and networked control systems HYCON 2, 2010-2014 [Member, level 2], coordinated by SUPELEC, Paris, France
  • EU FP7-SST, Advanced Safety and Driver Support for Essential Road Transport ASSET, 2008-2011 [Co-PI, UTBM, France]  
  • EU FP7-ICT, Field Operational Tests of Aftermarket and Nomadic Devices in Vehicles TELEFOT, 2008-2012 [Co-PI, UTBM, France]

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